Recent Before & After Photos

Flooded Commercial Basement

We received a call from a customer on a Saturday afternoon, that had a commercial building in that had found the basement flooded. He stated that it was the re... READ MORE

Mold Remediation In Temperance Mi.

Basements can be a prime location for mold to grow. We use our basement many times for storage. Putting lots of boxes filled with our treasures. Some people may... READ MORE

Northwest Ohio Storm Cleanup

Here in Northwest Ohio we do not have hurricanes to worry about that is true; but we do have our fair share of thunder storms with high winds, heavy downpours... READ MORE

Water Under the Cabinets?

What happens when you have a water damage in your Maumee, Ohio home? How do you get the water out if it travels under your cabinets? How do I know if its under ... READ MORE

Mold, What's Hiding in Your Walls?

Sometimes you think all you have is some damage to your walls due to some moisture. If a water damage is not dried out properly in a timely matter you could h... READ MORE

Laundry Room Mold in Sylvania Ohio

We recently did a mold remediation job in an apartment complex. There was a laundry room in a upstairs vacant apartment that had a slow leak. Over time it had l... READ MORE

Roof Ice Dam Damage

Ice dams on roofs after a winter storm can cause extensive damage to your home or commercial building. In these pictures a commercial building in Toledo Ohio ... READ MORE

Water Damage To Toledo Ohio

Many things can cause your basement to take in water. More rain than normal, a failed sump pump or a leaking foundation. Whatever the case may be it is somethin... READ MORE

Smoke Damaged from Fireplace in Toledo

This job was actually from a gas fireplace that was not properly vented. The customer had noticed, over a period of time some darkening on his kitchen ceilings... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Toledo Call SERVPRO!

When Hurricane Matthew hit South Carolina in October of 2016, many homes were flooded, some were left without power and there were even some who had no home ... READ MORE